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SARC Available

Notice to parents: An electronic version of our School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is available by clicking here.

In addition, a paper copy is available in our school office for you to view.


Book Fair!

Thanks for all your support!  We raised over $1000 for the library.

Special thanks to all the parents and students that helped set up and take down the book fair

as well as help with the after school crowds. 

We couldn't do it without your help!


Traffic Safety - seguridad vial

As we begin the school year, Newark Police Department will begin citing drivers whenever necessary to encourage compliance of traffic laws and to reinforce that safety of our children is a priority.

There have been multiple incidents endangering children even a child being struck and several near misses.  Please remember that children’s cognitive abilities are still developing and they lack training and experience in traffic safety.  

Keys to avoid receiving a citation:

  • Drive Slow
  • Do not make illegal U-turns
  • Have car seats for children
  • Have seat belts on all passengers
  • Make a “full-stop” at stop signs

Putting our children at risk is not worth the few minutes you may save by rushing and breaking these suggestions.  Newark Unified School District and the Newark Police Department want to keep everyone safe.

Safety reminders for children walking to school:

  • Walk, don’t run across the street
  • Look left, look right and left again
  • Obey Walk/Wait signals
  • Do not cross at mid-block locations
  • Use crosswalks

Safety reminders for children biking to school:

  • Always wear a properly fastened and fitted helmet
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Ride in the same direction as motor vehicles
  • Check traffic when changing lanes, crossing streets or turning
  • Use hand signals

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From the Principal - Ms. Akilah Byrd

Dear Graham Families,


The first two months of school have brought many new positive events. It was great to see many parents attend our Parent Literacy Event “Read to Achieve” and Parent Math Night. We hope that everyone found the parent events useful, along with the provided materials for use at home with your scholars. I also want to thank our current parent volunteers who help around campus in so many different ways. We appreciate you! I’m also sending a special thank you to GPS for all of our Unity Day t-shirts.


This year we continue to implement Tier 1 of Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) school-wide and made great progress last school year. Teachers reteach the school’s expectations, and I as principal, have continued to facilitate restorative conversations with scholars requiring additional reminders of how to behave appropriately at school. However, one of the most important and often overlooked tools that parents sometimes forget is sending their child to school without clarifying that home rules are different than school rules. A positive school experience will support our number one goal of improved achievement for all students at Graham Elementary School. For this reason, it is important to remind your child that it is never okay to hit someone else. Not only is it important to remind them of this fact, it is also critical to explain why it is important. With the ever-changing laws, over 43 states now have anti-bullying laws that dictate the actions required of school personnel, regardless of a student's age.


In the school setting with a higher level of adult supervision, the rules allow no type of harassment, including name-calling, which is extremely hurtful to a child. When parents remind their children that words hurt, as well as reminding them that all people are different in some way, the parent then reinforces the social skills required for their child to be successful in school and in life. During our school-wide participation in Unity Day on October 25th, we stood together as a school against bullying and every student received an orange Unity Day t-shirt to wear (thanks to GPS).  


We at Graham want to be united everyday and need all parents help in reinforcing the important social skills that align with our 3 school rules; Be Responsible, Be Respectful & Be Safe. My staff and I are working diligently to increase student achievement levels at Graham while creating lifelong learners, thinkers, communicators, and positive contributors to our society. We cannot do it alone. I am very privileged to have the opportunity to lead and work alongside our highly committed, dedicated and professional staff, wonderful partners and parents.


I also wanted to take a moment and report on Graham’s commitment to FLEX time during the school day. FLEX time is used for intervention, additional project time, reteaching, acceleration, and enrichment. It is a proven effective way in meeting the learning needs of our students, and we hope it has a very positive impact on our overall student achievement this school year. Students from multiple grades have reported to me that they like FLEX time and feel comfortable with the curriculum or activities in their assigned FLEX group. Feel free to check in with your child’s teacher about what they are currently working on in their FLEX group. Thank you for your continued support!



Akilah Byrd